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About the Organization

With the above vision in sight, the District School Board, Nadia had played, to the highest possible extent, a vital role in providing universal access to primary education. Later in 1990, it turned into Nadia District Primary School Council, a democratically elected autonomous body, under the provisions of West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973 as amended from time to time. It functions under the overall guidance, supervision and control of West Bengal Board of Primary Education and effects a sound coordination with the District Inspectorate of School (Primary Education) and Sarba Shiksha Mission, Nadia. Presently there are 2602 schools spread over 37 Circles in the district.

The Council, previously housed in the premises of D.I. of Schools ( Primary Education), has shifted to a new administrative building BARNAPARICHAY BHABAN – a name which owes its origin to a pioneering book on elementary education of all time “BARNAPARICHAY “ (a first step in Bengali literacy) written by Iswar Chnadra Vidyasagar. Mr Kanti Biswas, the then School Education minister, Govt. of West Bengal inaugurated the building on 13th February, 2006.